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Short Compression Dynamic suite PCO-T-18 is designed for stability and posture control improvement in case of neurological disorders. Improves function of trunk and upper extremity and covers the sensory deficits.

The product is made to order by individual dimensions


How does it work?

Made of soft Lycra, provides deep, core compression and normalizes muscles tone. Elasticity and deep pressure improves the body coordination and limits the involuntary movements.


Upper Body Compression Orthosis with long sleeves PCO-T-18 should be used as a additional to occupational and physical therapy activity. This solution will reduce involuntary movements, normalize muscle balance and improve therapeutic effects. It improves muscles tension mainly in trunk, back and shoulder area. Long sleeves improves the muscle control and reduces undesired involuntary movements of upper limbs.

It is believed that this type of Postural Compression Orthoses PCO® and deep compression provides better sensory information to the brain, increases proprioception and child’s knowledge about its own body. Due to this fact, dynamic PCO® orthoses are the best solution for improving treatment in case of abnormal tone and decreasing spasticity.


  • improves body balance
  • increases core stability
  • increases passive and active ROM
  • normalizes muscle tone
  • decreases spasticity
  • decreases involuntary movements
  • improves breathing


  • cerebral palsy (CP)
  • spina bifida
  • Down Syndrome
  • sensory integration (SI)
  • high tone
  • spasticity
  • low tone
  • atetosis
  • ataxia
  • dyskinesia
  • dystonia
  • autism
  • Rett Syndrome

The product is available in a version with a zip fastened at the front.
Version recommended for infants.