PCO® (Postural Compression Orthoses) are the medical devices class I, which provide dynamic compression and muscles control with pediatric neurologic disorders such as CP and spina bifida. They are more and more popular among physiotherapists and neurologists.

Dynamic PCO® orthoses are made of Lycra and elements which reduce pressure in bone prominences. Lycra provides deep pressure control abnormal muscle tone.

Our PCO® orthoses are available in various options: single arm or leg sleeves, suits and shirts.

High sensory dynamics and core stability treat the abnormal tone in case of neurologic dysfunctions. Deep compression of particular body parts send more and better sensory information to the brain, increasing proprioception, which in turn decreases high muscles tone and spasticity.

PCO® orthoses do not limit the range of motion and deep compression of joints normalizes the muscle tonus and reduces involuntary movements, which are often in CP children.

Using of Postural Compression Orthoses is recommended for many neuromuscular conditions, mainly CP, with following symptoms: high tone and spasticity, low tone, athetoid, dystonic, dyskinetic, ataxic and mixed presentation.

Dynamic PCO® orthoses are the best addition to traiditonal physical therapy and other occupational activities.