Elasticated full-body orthosis


PCO® products (except vests) are made to individual order, production time is about 10 working days.



A soft full-body orthosis intended to be used to facilitate correction of muscle dysfunction and postural disturbances associated with central nervous system disease (e.g., cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic paraplegia) principally by normalization of proprioceptive impulses and inhibition of tone in spastic muscles. It consists of several parts of a suit: vest, belt, shorts, knee pads, shoes and cap, all interconnected with a system of adjustable elastic bands and worn by the patient while participating in a variety of activities (e.g., exercises, gait training, playing) under the supervision of a healthcare provider. It is available in a range of sizes. This is a reusable device. Zipped vests are available in 2 variants: with a zipper at the front or back.